#71 Lions, Dedication, Crossfit, Getting Strong and More with High Performance Coach Khrys Speed

Hey bud.

Today on the Rugby Muscle Podcast we are joined by High Performance Coach Khrys Speed. It’s difficult to put a title/theme to this Podcast because it certainly goes everywhere.

After a brief chat about the Lions, we discuss:
– The will and desire to win
– Passion and commitment to sport
– Other sports that could help rugby
– Lifting evolution and how we got into weightlifting
– Crossfit – Good things and Bad things that happen as a result
– Solutions for training depending on what your goals are
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TJ is a gym owner and former full international rugby player who, with Rugby Muscle is helping young, motivated players get the best out of themselves to become beasts on the pitch. He's played rugby around the and has worked with full internationals from 4 different continents.

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