#75 – Muscle Gaining For Rugby – Why? and How?


In today’s episode (that is late by a day) TJ and Alex talk about making gainz. That is hypertrophy, that is adding muscle mass to the body.

We went from point to point rather quickly with some of them being half-points and others being counter-points, this makes it difficult to make a list of them in the show notes.

What I can do instead is provide you a link to Rugby Muscle BEAST. It’s HERE (you need to be on the podcast section of rugby-muscle.com to click the link) and as promised, email me the receipt saying you came from the show and I’ll give you a FREE recipe guide for muscle-building.

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TJ is a gym owner and former full international rugby player who, with Rugby Muscle is helping young, motivated players get the best out of themselves to become beasts on the pitch. He's played rugby around the and has worked with full internationals from 4 different continents.

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