We have 2 diet guides below:

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  • Elimination-Style Cutting Diet
    Elimination-Style Cutting Diet

    This is a diet for those who are looking to lose a tonne of fat within 4-6 weeks.
    It is stricter than we usually use and is aimed at helping your digestive system improve it's function. Use this diet to find food-types that your body doesn't deal well with and then eliminate them.

    Note: Not to be done during the season

  • Nutrition Principles and Setting Your Own Diet
    Nutrition Principles and Setting Your Own Diet

    Here we run through a number of nutrition principles for athletes.
    The idea here is to really help your feel energised and not be confused about what to eat.
    We try and keep it really simple for you.
    We then walk you through setting up your own numbers for your daily intake when not in season! These principles have been tried and tested with a number of athletes and consider guys from all mindsets and goals.
    You then take what you need to make it work for you!!

  • October / November Red Meat
    October / November Red Meat

    Load on that beef and make some massive gains