Add one of these PluginsĀ into your Main Programmes to give you an extra boost

  • Velocity - Speed plugin 1
    Velocity - Speed plugin 1

    Simple programme to do to improve your basic speed, acceleration and agility for rugby.
    Start simple and concentrate on technique first!

  • Solidarity - Lower Body Prehab Plugin
    Solidarity - Lower Body Prehab Plugin

    For those that are looking to avoid injury or that are coming back from a previous one.
    This is not to completely replace any physio/doctor recommend work. But it is a great way to get you match-ready.
    This also would be good to use for someone who has recently made a lost of squat and deadlift progress, helping to stabilise that extra strength.

  • Shoulder Shield
    Shoulder Shield

    Shoulder injuries are annoyingly common in rugby.
    Whether you're coming back from a previous shoulder injury or just looking to try and prevent any from happening in the future, give this Plugin a go!

  • Velocity 2.0 - Agility Plugin
    Velocity 2.0 - Agility Plugin

    Work on your footwork, agility and stepping ability with this plugin.
    Really utilise that extra speed to beat opponents on the pitch!