Military Press (Strict Overhead Press)

Hip Stretch

The key here is to lean with the legs but keep the upper body upright.

Basic Quad Stretch

Try and pull your heel right into your bum cheek.

Stretch through the hips to as the quads cross both the hips and the knee

Advanced Hip/Quad - Couch Stretch

Lean into the front foot, make sure the upper body remains upright at all times

Glute / Hip Stretch

Will stretch wherever you're tightest, try and get you chest as close to your shin as possible.

Grab your hands together behind your legs.

Glute Stretch

Target tight glutes by pulling your knee across to the opposite pec/shoulder.

Pull the leg back rather than leaning into it

Calf Stretch (Gastrocnemius)

Lean into the stretch as much as you can and feel the stretch down the back of the leg

Calf Stretch (Soleus)

Target the soleus muscle by bending the knee, this is underneath the gastrocnemius, which is the main muscle of the calf.

This stretch will prevent cramping when running

Basic Hamstring Stretch

Try and keep the stretched leg as straight as possible (bad demo).

Lean into the stretch with your chest rather than your arms

Shin/Ankle Stretch

Avoid shin splints and other shin-related injuries by holding this stretch for a few seconds, before and after running drills

Hips/Groin - Frog Stretch

Open up your hips by rocking back and forth with the Frog Stretch.

Keep your shins as close to the ground as possible, sit your arseĀ as close as you can to your heels