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How to move, not move and stay fit to play

You know that feeling when you’re under a ruck and you feel like some fat bastard is going to pop your shoulder out? Sucks balls right. Well it probably hurt that bad because you’re so tight through your shoulders and chest. You want to know how to fix it right? Well I’m not going to…

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Getting Faster Made Simple

When talking about speed it is common for people to think (and say) “You’ve either got it or you haven’t” Let me just say right now, that simply is WRONG. Everyone has the ability to get faster, and it’s very simple. The benefits from being faster makes rugby become that much easier of a game!…

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Why Squat?!

If that first picture above didn’t convince you to instantly pickup the nearest heavy object and start squatting then read on… Squatting is the king of exercises. It’s that simple. I can see reasons for other exercises. Olympic lifting is great and is definitely up there with squatting as a contender but it’s technical difficulty…

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