In today’s Rugby Muscle Podcast TJ and Alex answer a question from a listener.

“Hi boys! Recently found your podcast and it’s great! It’s a great listen on the way home from work!

I have a question for you, in terms of bettering playing performance, I am struggling to program a routine that hits the attributes I am trying to improve. I’m not sure how much cardio I need to be doing in relation to strength and power. I feel I neglect my strength work somewhat in the quest to become fitter on the pitch (now playing flanker or 2nd row). When I do strength work I follow the advice you said and do 5/3/1, but as you can imagine, my inconsistency brings little progress.

My typical week;

Monday: a ‘spartacus’ type circuit (kettle bells etc (maybe change this up to a weights session fortnightly)

Tuesday: I attend a HIIT class as I can’t make training cos of work.

Weds: Spin class

Thurs: Rugby

Fri: Rest

Saturday: game day

Sunday: if I can walk I do some mobility work and upper body.

Any advice welcome. Am I doing too much ‘cardio’? Might have previously answered cycles on a podcast, but not listened back too far yet.”


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