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Oh hey. Today’s Podcast has the TJ and Alex answer a bunch of questions sent in by listeners. In typical Rugby Muscle Podcast fashion we give some in-depth answers that you may not WANT to hear, but what you NEED to allow you to make the best progress for you as individuals.

  1. Did you know women listen to your podcast too?
  2. What are your thoughts on creatine?
  3. You boys previously mentioned food satiation, could you go into more detail?
  4. What is a way you would suggest to add extra calories to a day?
  5. Any opinion on treadmill training? I was suggested to get extra calories though eating 2 uncooked rice and a potato in addition to my normal meals. The goal of the treadmill work is to add some extra conditioning post workout when I can’t get outside
  6. Basically- my degree fucking sucks, and I’m alms entirely sold on dropping out, to do what you do, but there isn’t much information on the best way to go about that- degree vs PT course
  7. You still doing that programme where we can pay for the set out programmes for so much?
  8. I have been suffering with diet for 3 years, I know how to lose weight ” i dropped from 94kg to 70kg doing cardio on an empty stomach but i still had a belly, then i started rugby and gained 14kg mostly of fat now i am 84kg I am 184cm with clothes i have the best physique ever, but naked i dont look good at all i have a belly mix of fat and extra skin I am stuck googled did load of research didnt find a decent answer