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Today’s Rugby Muscle Podcast has TJ and Alex discussing big mistakes that all players and gym goers are known to make.
It’s easy to commit these mistakes if you take all the info from a generic fitness standpoint, so here we are to give you a helping hand. The mistakes are
  1. Running before you can walk (literally), AKA not using progressions properly.
  2. Making Everything Sport Specific AKA not taking advantage of general strength and power training.
  3. Trying to train and reach all goals at once AKA not using periodization
  4. Not working all three contraction types AKA only doing concentric work with no consideration for isometrics or eccentrics.

We hope you learn from this Podcast and apply it all to your training. If you’d like to take 2 minutes to really help us out and give us a 5-star review on iTunes it would mean the world to us.