THE Rugby Muscle

Get bigger, stronger, faster, fitter & more powerful than ever!

Designed specifically for ambitious amateur rugby players who understand that they need to put a focus on their strength and conditioning if they don't want to be left behind...

Over The Next 6 Weeks, You'll Train & Develop:
Rugby-Specific Strength
Collision Dominating Power
Jersey-Filling Muscle
80-Minute Conditioning
Game-Breaking Speed
Dynamic Athletic Movement

Time To Play Your Best Rugby

If you know that you need to put in the work in the gym to play your best, but find it so confusing and overwhelming to figure out exactly what you should be doing, read on.

If you want a program that focusses on the exact things that will make you a better athlete on the rugby pitch, allowing you to dominate your opponent, this is for you.

If you want to eliminate all the fluff, spend less time in the gym me and STILL get bigger, stronger, fitter, faster to play your best rugby, you need this program.

If you're frustrated with your lack of real progress, with constantly spinning your wheels and feeling like there's just not enough time in the week to get your training in, or even get started....

I invite you to Rugby Muscle Training Camp

My name is TJ Jankowski, the guy behind Rugby Muscle and I was probably in your shoes

I went from a player who ran around with no confidence, spinning his wheels going from fad to fad, to someone who was in control, who always put his hand up to carry, get turnovers and have a big impact for my team. I managed playing the game in 4 continents, win leagues, experience cultures and get international caps.

I'll be with you throughout the 6-Week Training Camp. I won't just provide you with a training program that progresses you through 6 weeks of effective Strength & Conditioning, 
I'll be showing you all of the methods and strategies that I use with my athletes to navigate all circumstances and situations.

Rugby Is Not An Easy Sport To Train For...

Whilst the culture of rugby likes to pride itself as "the game for all shapes and sizes"... it's pretty obvious that the complete opposite is true:

If you want to compete at any level of the modern game, you need to be fast, athletic, strong and powerful... 
and you need to keep those efforts going over 80 minutes, which means you need to be incredibly fit.
and you need to do that week-in, week-out, which means you need to keep your fatigue and injury risk as low as possible...

What makes rugby unique and fun, is actually what makes it so difficult to train for. It is a sport where even the toughest guys can crumble.

To play rugby well, you must be a high-performer across the full spectrum of what the body can do...

And traditional training will improve 1-2 areas at the expense of the rest:

You might get bigger and stronger but your speed and conditioning tanks.
If you focus on repeated sprints, met-cons and popular cardio training methods, you lose your power and strength.

This is incredibly frustrating, and explains why rugby players always tend to lose their momentum after a few weeks.
Committing extra time and effort into your S&C can be a struggle, especially when you're not seeing the improvements on the pitch!

With the extra stress, confusion and overwhelm it's easy to question whether it is even worth it...

Until game day comes, and you feel off the pace.

You struggle to get to the right positions, and before you know it you're gasping for air and energy...

Then the simple mistakes that you know you shouldn't make start to appear...

And you spend the rest of your time on the pitch just trying to not look out of place and be the weak link...

But the thing is, you KNOW that when if you finally get your S&C right, the opposite happens...

Rugby becomes effortless, and fun!
You'll perform your best without even trying.
You'll be an important part of your team, who puts their hand up to make impactful plays.
And you finish each game knowing that you don't have any more to give.
Your potential will finally be realized, and you'll blow your own expectations away with how well you perform!

Training Camp is your chance to prove that to finally get the results you've always wanted from your Strength and Conditioning

Sound like you? These guys were the same....

After previously trying other generic training programs, I realized that I needed something specific for me as a player. Thanks to Rugby Muscle, I'm able to keep high energy and high output for the full 80 which has been a huge plus for me heading into the last few years of my career.

I've also seen big improvements in my physique, and even though that's not really the goal, is a nice bonus!


Scrum Half / Center, England

"I decided to play rugby again after a 3 year hiatus expecting to have my fitness and skill levels back to my original levels. I realized this was a mistake after the first warm up lap of my first practice back.

Rugby Muscle gave me the foundation to build myself back into playing shape, and besides fitness I got my confidence and love of the game back with that fitness.

The workouts are fun and build on each other so its not "too much too soon". I highly recommend Team Rugby Muscle over all of the other programs I've tried"


Front Row, USA

I was always a hard worker and fairly strong, but what Rugby Muscle has done is directed that effort into the things that are going to help my game.

Not only am I much fitter and faster, but I'm more explosive, mobile and level-headed around the pitch. I didn't know that you could train to improve your body position in contact - but I have done!
It's crazy how I've been able to improve every single part of my game and reach a level I never really thought was realistic.  


Flanker, US & New Zealand

The program was more practical than anything I'd learned on my S&C Masters degree... I saw a massive improvement with my game - I was faster around the pitch, more robust and just a much better player than before.

All the training was interesting and different, yet simple to follow. I highly recommend it for any rugby player at any level. What you get for your money is a bargain!


Full Back, Scotland

Working in a warehouse lifting crates all day, I used to be stressed about being too fatigued or not working out enough and losing performance, but Training Camp has helped me make the right decisions with my training, without running myself ragged and stressing. I'm able to get in the gym and be effective and it's a godsend.

The quality of the workout you put out is a true game changer. As a former "scrawny" scrum half, I now can out wrestle even the big centers of the team and I don't feel tired at all during a match.


Scrum Half, Canada

So Here's What You'll Be Getting...

6 Week Rugby S&C Program

Working on every aspect of rugby physical preparation in a structured, scientific, progressive system. With 3-5 days of training depending on your needs, schedule and circumstances. 

Nutritional Roadmap

A simple roadmap to help utilize your nutrition that will support your goals. Whether that's shedding fat, adding slabs of muscle, or simply performing your best. Training Camp will see that you no longer struggle with nutrition.

Real Results on the Pitch

This is not a generic template, this program is designed specifically for rugby performance! The training won't just improve you in the long-run, if you're in-season, you'll "prime" yourself to play your best every game day. You'll feel more confident with each game you play.

Recovery and Supplement Guides

I'll take you through everything that's previously confused you and have you feel confident that you're doing everything you can to recover and be at your best. (Spoiler alert - most of it is done via efficient, organized training, and sleep) No more wasting time and money on nonsense, unproven methods. 

Access Through Our App

Your training program and schedule is organized for you via our smartphone app. This means that you'll be able to access your program (with full explanations and videos), organize your schedule and log your results all with a few touches of your phone or tablet. Even print if needed!

Full, Unlimited Support

From me throughout the program, I'll be sending you regular emails with guidance and explanations.

You'll also have the opportunity to reach out for any questions you have so that you never feel stuck or on your own.

Get Started Today!

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so you can start progressing more than ever before
and get the edge over your competition!

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