What Is Rugby Muscle

Rugby Muscle began with a very simple question. 

"What should rugby players really be doing in the gym?!"

The answer to this question quickly became not so simple.

Life, time, personality, training goals and current habits are all things that influence any training plan before you even think about rugby, which is one of the most physically complex and dynamic sports.

Each aspect of fitness needs trained and respected accordingly, with every player being naturally gifted in certain areas, and each position/playing style creating a different demand. On top of this, it’s worth reminding that everyone will also have their own schedule to work around including jobs, schools, family and a social life that they have to train around. 

And unless a player is fortunate enough to be part of a full-time professional set-up, they will be left on their own in the gym. Most of their info coming from people totally under-qualified, who usually just want to look good or be strong in the gym.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with those two things, Rugby Muscle certainly helps guys who want to achieve these goals, they just aren’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to training like a real rugby-athlete who needs to do so much more on the pitch.)

To make things even more difficult, all of the above is only half the equation when it comes to improving physique and performance. So many players are simply overweight, under-fuelled, confused, or some combination of all three! 

So then another question needed answering.

"What should rugby players really be eating?!"

The answer to this question seemed even more confusing than the original! 

Only once I became a certified nutrition coach did I understand why. Not just because an athlete’s diet has a much higher need to account for individual differences and preferences. But because, let’s be honest, there’s just a tonne of b.s. on the internet when it comes to diet.

The game of rugby can be fascinating because of the challenges that it presents. I believe that in order to fully engage with that challenge, players cannot be worried, confused or overwhelmed by their training or nutrition. If they can get it right, however, they'll get so much more enjoyment and fulfillment from the sport, and from life.

Training and nutrition for rugby players needn’t be so confusing

And so, out of these 2 questions and thousands of possible answers, Rugby Muscle was born.

What Does Rugby Muscle DO?!

Rugby Muscle Elite - 1on1 Coaching for training and nutrition.

As should be clear by now, most rugby players would massively benefit from something more specific to their goals, situation and lifestyle.
Because of this, Online Coaching is the most valuable service Rugby Muscle can provide.
Online Coaching is comprehensive, streamlining your training, nutrition and other lifestyle habits to get you looking, feeling and performing better than ever before, but (and this is key) without treating you like you’re a robot.
You’ll have someone on hand who’s got your back, making adjustments each week based upon your feedback and recommendations based on your weekly struggles.
The whole thing is delivered through our app and is as bespoke as it gets. 

Team Rugby Muscle - World-Class rugby strength and conditioning programming delivered directly to your phone.
If you have a good handle on your nutrition and lifestyle, but simply want some extra direction in the gym then Team Rugby Muscle was created for you.
With Team Rugby Muscle, you get year-round access to a program that will get you bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than ever before. The program is customised depending on the equipment that you have available and is laid out and explained, month to month, with each block, session and exercise being explained (with videos) for your complete understanding.
No special/fancy equipment necessary, training like a true rugby athlete has never been easier! 

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