Training in season for a rugby player is difficult.

If you’re getting stuck in every week (which you 100% should), you might begin the week still walking funny. No worries. You can grit and get through the tough work because you still want to make gains right?

I mean, going to the gym and training for maintenance is pointless right? You may as well take a chick, get naked together and then just kiss a bit…


We have proven in the Rugby Muscle Academy that during the season, you can still make plenty of beautiful gains in spite of the fact that you can have the impact on your body that is equivalent to a minor car crash.

Yep, thats a rugby game.

But that’s ok, you warm up right and you should feel good to make some progress!

Now the MOST important aspect of training during the season is to make sure that your training DOES NOT affect your game in a negative manor.

Think about it, whats the point of spending all week, month or year, becoming stronger, faster and better if, come game-time, you’re legs are still heavy from that gym session and you can’t run well?! Or your chest has so much DOMs that you can’t give that great hand-off to defenders.

Whilst you’re at it you might as well finish the game and drink alcohol free beer…


Let’s make a pact right now that we’re going to stop doing pointless things…. We’ll start by staying fresh for game time so that you can really play well.

The beauty of training in-season is to be found somewhere in the middle-ground, making some gains whilst also feeling fresh by the time the ref blows his whistle for kick off.

Now something we are starting to work with in the Rugby Muscle Academy is something called a “Power Up Session”.

When we’re looking at a Power Up Session we’re looking at doing 3 things.

  1. Getting rid of any possible soreness that may be lingering
  2. Increasing mobility and range of motion (pain-free)
  3. Priming the muscle’s for explosive movement

    Game Time...
    Game Time…

This means that not only does our training not interfere with our game… it actually makes you BETTER come game-time.

Since we love an old-skool video game reference, think of it like acquiring an UGA BUGA mask for you to use during your match.

For those in the know, these are very similar to Primers (which Alex wrote about here) but differ because they make up a full session.

The other kicker for these sessions is that they are done on THE DAY OF A GAME, yes thats right, about 5 or so hours before kick off would be a perfect time for a “Power Up” session.

I understand that not all of you can get to the gym the day of a game, but you can still do the majority of the work if you have the discipline….

You’d lay a session out something like this:

  1. Basic Mobility Movements (5 minutes)
  2. Foam Roll (5-10 minutes)
  3. Complex Mobility Movements / Gymnastic Holds (5 minutes)
  4. Footwork (ladder) Drills (5 minutes)
  5. Light Explosive / Olympic Lifting Work / Sprints (5-10 minutes)


If you’ve got a real early kick off then doing this work the evening before a game can also help you out too.

Give it a try….


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