How to make progress on pull-ups

Pull Ups are an important part of strength training, really good for building a strong physique. But what if you can't do one? How do you start? But what if they're really

In – Season Training

15-20 minute bite-size chunks of rugby and strength training knowledge! TJ and Alex discuss the complexities of training in-season. What might be holding you back from making real gains and

#20 World Cup Review, What Makes Players Great….

The 20th Episode of the #RugbyMusclePodcast∞! - Best rugby players ever and what makes them great! - Alcohol as a supplement and what's wrong with the supplement industry... - Overview of OUR training, what's going

#17 – World Cup, Deadlifts and Running Technique

It's number 17 of the #RugbyMusclePodcast∞! Alex and I talk about - the World Cup and Fantasy Rugby  - League code 1148611-8885 - Deadlifts - should you be doing them? Why they may not be used.