This my training this week has been good actually. I’ve a recurring problem with my right wrist which is from log pressing, Well mostly from flicking the log around that’s putting strain on it.

This is a 5 reps week which means I don’t go for any max weight work and generally it’s a little easier on my body. It’s almost like a mini-deload week for me.

As always general program overview can be found here:

I’ll only write in the work sets because I do a ton of warm up work as it is

Monday (7h/7)

Stuck to the same structure as last week which meant I would Axle incline bench today followed with Log Press and capped with all the fun of heavy farmers walks.

Incline Axle Bench

As little rest as possible between sets, this ended up being about 45 seconds to a minute

  • Start out with standard straight sets

    • 5 reps at 62.5 kg (no worries at all)

    • 5 reps at 72.5 kg (again very easy)

  • As many reps as possible set: 13 reps at 80 kg (Again started easy but after 13 reps it sucked hard. I’m pretty happy with this though, gives me a predicted max of 120 – ish. My bench has always been my weakest lift and I’m hoping this is going to signal something of a turnaround.)

  • No daily maxes today.

  • Back off sets – this is similar to the AMRAP set insofar as you do the most reps you can but at the same % as the first rep of the day.

    • 16 reps at 65 kg

    • 8 reps at 65 kg

    • 5 reps at 65kg

    I was pretty happy with this as well I took 30 to 45 seconds between sets and although the last set was pretty ugly I did better than last week and I’m good with that.

Log bar Strict Press

This is just a straight 5 sets of 10 reps @ 45kg (50% of 85% of my 1RM so now you can do the maths on that) no leg drive at all for these. Again about 45 seconds between reps. By the end of this I was not in a great place.

Farmers walks

I’m trying to work on my speed on the farmers walk at the moment. I worked up to 106 kg a hand and went up and down the car park. Took me a bit longer than 9 seconds this time but for a 40kg increase I’m cool with that..

Tuesday (8th/7)

Another terrible squat day. Better than last week but still felt crap.

Straight bar back squat

Again with as little rest between sets as I could. Although towards the end it was building up to be around 3 minutes

  • Straight sets

    • 5 reps at 120kg (no shoes, speed was good)

    • 5 reps at 140kg (okay, average at best)

  • AMRAP: 8 reps at 165kg (Meh, felt way harder than it should have. I could put it down to anything really but at the end of the day it was just not good enough.)

  • No Daily max this week

  • Back Off Sets – I strictly enforced a 45 second to1 minute rest on these.

    • 12 reps at 120 kg

    • 8 reps at 120 kg

    • 5 reps at 120 kg

This was actually okay. Sweaty and I had to take a knee at the end but was the best thing I did on the squat days.


5 sets of 10 reps at 105kg

No problem at all here. Felt good and was really fast. Oh I alternated between conventional deadlifts and sumo deadlift just for giggles.

Back Extensions

No change from last week. 3 sets of 20 reps with a 15 kg bar. A gruesome lower back pump afterwards but felt good.

Thursday (11th/7)

Only had a little bit of time for this today so everything was done with at little rest as possible

Log Bar Strict Press

  • Straight Sets

    • 5 reps at 55kg (easy)

    • 5 reps at 65kg (easy)

  • AMRAP: 12 reps at 70kg (was happy with this, towards the end of the set I had a little bit too much of a lean back but fixed it with the glutes)

  • No daily max

  • Back of sets – Had to have less than a minute between sets. Still super strict on form. No leg drive at all.

    • 15 reps at 55kg

    • 7 reps at 55kg

    • 4 reps at 55kg

Incline Axle Bench

5 sets of 10 reps used just 50kg. Not much to say about this. Was easy, took 30 seconds or less between sets and I think I might have done 6 sets but no worries. If I’m unsure about what set it is I just do an extra.

Yoke carry

No Yoke this week because I knew I had an extra farmers walk on saturday

Saturday (12th/7)

It’s deadlift day, the best day of the week. I went down to the elite performance centre again with a mate who oly-lifts. So whilst he snatched and cleaned I deadlifted. Thankfully he’s still in a technique phase or we’d have run out of weights.


  • Straight sets

    • 5 reps at 140kg

    • 5 reps at 160kg (both sets were easy)

  • AMRAP: 12 reps at 180kg (this was shitty and hard but I was really happy with getting to 12. gives me a predicted max of about 260kg which would be a current best lift)

  • No daily maxes

  • Back off sets:

    • 15 reps at 140 kg

    • 7 reps at 140 kg

    • 5 reps at 140 kg

Only 30 to 45 seconds between these sets. It was horrible. Some of the deadlifts were horrible and how I felt after was horrible


5 sets of 10 reps at 100kg. 45 seconds rest again. Was easy enough I didn’t put everything into it though because I knew what was next

Heavy Farmers walks

Me and my mate worked up to max weight for a 20 m distance. I got to 116 kg a hand, I won’t say what he did because it would embarrass him. He does however have way bigger quads than me so he’s happy enough. It’s 2 days later as I write this up and my traps are still killing me. That being said 116 kg a hand is a record farmers walk for me so I’m pretty stoked about that.