Yo, My training this week can be summed up in two words: Not much.

Was a deload week for me. Every 3 or 6 weeks dependant on how i’m feeling I take a break from training or change my training for a week just to give myself a chance to rest and repair from the exertions of my training.

So this last week I’ve only done isolation work. For me this is kind of a big deal as I’m really not a fan of pure isolation work. In my opinion you can leave that shit to the bodybuilders.

Well mostly anyway.

If you want to give yourself a chance to recover but still get some work done in the gym then it’s a nice way to not beat yourself up. So I didn’t stick to any plan for the week! Crazy i know.

I just hit bits and pieces. Tricep extensions, a little bit of ab work, lat raises, some glute work (not stictly isolation but useful to do), direct hamstring work. etc. etc. Nothing too exciting. But this coming cycle is a little different, same pattern but I’ve swapped in front squat instead of back squat (more relevant to strongman) and I’ve also added in a clean and jerk day (because I fancied some olympic work).

So keep updated and you’ll see how all of this goes.

Cheers, Alex