Personal 1on1 Coaching to build strength, fitness and perform at your absolute best on the Rugby pitch!

If you're a Rugby Player who wants to get the most out of yourself (and therefore the game, too) then you know you need to be in shape to be your best! Rugby Players all over the world are using this Rugby Muscle Elite and getting stronger, fitter, more explosive on the pitch ...  WITHOUT sacrificing their career or  family social life..... The best part? YOU can do it too!

Rugby is NOT For Everyone

Ooooh, controversial opening, but I'm deadly serious. Players at all levels of the game are getting bigger, faster and more physical than ever. Just to step on the pitch and play the game is tough! But you know that's not enough, you don't play to "take part" or make up the numbers. No - you want to win.... Actually, fuck that.

You Want To Dominate!

And you know you can. You know deep down you can give so much more, but there's always something stopping you...

Work, family, injuries or just adult life started adding more and more to your plate.
If you're lucky, you still managed to keep a routine, but there's just so much to manage being a rugby player that it's impossible to know if you're actually improving on the pitch properly...

At this point you have two quite simple options.

Give up on the idea of ever really playing rugby, embrace the laziness and spend your weekends at doing chores, going to the mall and telling people that how awesome you could've been...

Or you can realize that you're the one who has the power to change
That you can absolutely do the simple things that need to be done to look, feel and perform at a level that blows your old self and your competition out of the water.

If you're in on the second option, I've got one final warning for you...

You Don't Need More Information!

It's tempting to think that if you can just learn more and more, eventually you'll figure it out alone.

It's not that easy.

As a rugby player you have so many areas that you can improve, 
so many physical capabilities to look at
and so many methods to train. 

But you are the ONLY player in the world with your life, your family/work schedule, your ability to train and your social life.

You can't just copy-and-paste someone else's plan and expect it to do anything for you.

You need a coach in your corner.
Not your team coach who only cares about the 1st XV winning on Saturday.

Someone who truly is invested in improving your performance.
Who can create a roadmap that you can follow step-by-step.
And can guide you through those steps, altering as needed along the way.

You don't need information.

This Is Exactly What You'll Get With Rugby Muscle Elite

This isn't about me, it's about YOU and your performance.

Stop stressing over what you need to do and focus on the action.

You need that weekly accountability and flexibility to seamlessly integrate the action into your life.

Success is inevitable, you're not alone...

Just How Beneficial Can 
Rugby Muscle Elite Actually Be?

Ask These Guys:

Sean, Center, Colorado USA

Louis, Dual-Code Half Back, Manchester UK

Kirsten, Utility Forward, Colorado USA

Jeremy, Utility Back, London UK

Iain, Prop/Back Row, Canada/Ireland

Erik, Lock/Back Row, USA

Gavin, Back Row, Dublin Ireland

Carrim, Full Back/Wing, USA

Colin, Scrum Half, USA

Billy, Prop, Bristol UK

A summary of all other

How You Are GUARANTEED Results

Rugby Muscle Elite is completely tailored to you and what you need, but revolves around 3 key components:

A Focussed Training Plan

Every time you step into the gym you have a plan to follow that has created specifically to get to YOUR goals, you're personally guided through this plan via the Rugby Muscle App

From the second you step foot in the gym you will be doing work that is tailored to you as an individual athlete. The beauty here is that the training plan is tailored around your schedule and what you can do.

That means we ONLY do precisely what you need to meet your goals as an athlete and as a rugby player, no fluff and no wasted time whatsoever.

The program is tailored to YOU, and it is dynamic, so it will be ever-evolving. As your needs/your schedule/your equipment changes, so will the program! You'll be able to focus on what you're doing with full confidence... No more guessing what to do!

The focus on efficiency not only means that you'll you get better results than ever but you'll save yourself time! You'll be surprised at the sheer amount of nonsense that is just wasting your time in the gym.

Personalised Nutrition Coaching

The single biggest problem people have with nutrition is sticking with the plan. That's why with Rugby Muscle Elite we put a big focus on your nutrition habits and make adjustments to keep it easy for you.

Your eating plan will be tailored to you so that not only will you shed fat, build muscle and perform your best, but you'll do so in a way that fits your lifestyle, preferences and habits

As you progress, you'll see the changes in your performance and in the mirror... and receive adjustments and recommendations to continue to stay on top of things in the best way that suits you.

That last part is key, because if your nutritional approach does not suit you, then it will feel difficult and ultimately result in failure.

Strategies & tactics adapt your nutrition on the go, deal with social events, holidays, all situations will be implemented as needed.

Complete Access To Me To Guide You

Every now and again life puts a spanner in the works - This WILL happen... Work, rugby, injuries and other events normally means that your program is scrapped and you quit, or (even worse) something important is needlessly sacrificed from your life.

No longer! This is the beauty of Online Coaching. Picked up an injury you need to work around? Have a hectic week coming up and unsure how to manage it? Concerned about a certain area of rugby?... Literally, anything?

I'm here for ya.

Think of me like your online rugby Yoda, guiding you through every step in your evolution as an athlete and as a Rugby Player.

Lesley, Wing/Center, Scotland

Tom,Center/Wing, England

David, Half Back, Scotland

Think This Could Be For YOU?!

Even Warren Buffet said…

The BEST INVESTMENT you can make is in yourself

You know that, and you know this makes total sense.

Yet, so often guys still back off, talk themselves out of it, and do NOTHING.

I don't want that for you, I love what I do and believe in it 100%

I want you to believe in it too. That's why we start out with a call and a chat.

So that you can feel that THIS is the option for you before you commit to any payment.

BUT you must take that first step and apply today

Frequently Asked Questions

I can only get to the gym 2 times a week [or certain times], will this still work?

Yep, if you’re open to it we can still hit the field, do some extra work at home, or simply just have two awesome sessions and nail the diet.

There’s a bunch of lifestyle things that we can look to do also to get the best out of you, sometimes involving extra, short training sessions. Optimizing your diet at this time is one of the most powerful things you can do for your physique and performance

I'm going on vacation in 5 weeks, can I pause the coaching then?

Again, this is where the beauty of coaching comes to play.

Some people I will ask to find a gym whilst they’re away and still get a few sessions done. Others I can give running/sprinting/conditioning plans. Then sometimes we just get you working really hard before the holiday and then use that as a deload/rest period and have you raring to go when you’re back

Do I need to be tech-savvy?

Trust me, you don’t.

You will need either a smartphone, tablet or laptop (one of which you’re using to visit this site) and that's about it. You can print your workouts if you don't like having your phone in the gym too!

Can I just get a personalised program/diet from you?

Technically, no. But here are your options.

You can get your program and diet as part of your coaching pack.

I don’t like just giving people programs/diets alone for a few reasons.
1. Diet and training are EXTREMELY individual, work/life, training history, habits, preferences, stress, goals and motivation all play a huge role in what you should be aiming to do. 
2. If you have no support/accountability, you probably won’t stick to it (just being honest)
3. Meal plans don't work.
If you want to follow a year-round program that was designed for rugby players, you can check out Team Rugby Muscle but that is more for guys who just need a plan to follow for rugby that isn't exactly specific for them

I want to train but I'm unsure of my technique, will this still work?

To an extent.
If you just need some tweaks to your form and guidance then this will be perfect. If you've never lifted before then I'd suggest that you see someone in-person and really refine your technique first.

I already have my training in place (or S&C coach at my club), can we just focus on nutrition?

Yes – this option can be incredibly powerful!

If you're already doing something that you’re passionate about, or that's working great there’s no need to give it up! We can tweak it as you need to make sure that you're working exactly towards YOUR goals and taking advantage of that hard work you're doing

How long until I start seeing results?

It's not uncommon to start noticing improvements right away, for others it will take a few weeks...It will massively vary person to person depending on a number of factors.

Setting goals is an important part of the process, and we focus on simply getting better each week. The tracking sheets should always show that and over time, the results are shown on the pitch and in the mirror. This is really about nailing your long-term goals though, as that's where most guys struggle

I still don't get it, can I get more details?

If you think this could be for you, but still need detail… just reach out!

Fill out the form and you'll get any extra questions answered

I have a date in mind to start coaching, can I wait til then?

Of course you can, I’m not allowed to tell you what to do… YET.

But I would offer you this thought:

What are you going to do in the meantime?!?

The problem with people starting at later dates is that there is a good deal of time wasted. The weeks lost waiting to begin coaching could’ve easily been spent building good habits, helping future you be MORE successful. You will never get delayed time back again.

The other issue here is that the first period of coaching ends up only making up for the mistakes made in the run up to the coaching.

“I’ll just eat all the pizza and be a lazy bastard today so that when I start with TJ I won’t have any cravings for it and it’ll be easy to start”


For your benefit, still reach out and we can even give you some little things to work on before you’re really ready to make the commitment

What People Say About Rugby Muscle

So Simple

Making the investment into Coaching has allowed me to gain over 12 pounds of muscle whilst spending less time in the gym.


Back Row, England


I just show up and do what the plan says, this has allowed me to save time but also make consistent progress in every single area of my game.


Flanker, US & New Zealand

Sexy Speed

The improvements that I've made to my diet have allowed me to lose weight & look great. I've also developed the speed that has allowed me to skin guys for pace


Center Wing, UK


I've been with Rugby Muscle since they first started with big goals for my career and it's been invaluable in making me into the player that I am today.


Prop, Ireland


The progress I made in the gym was great and my rugby performance went to another level. I'm so much more effective each and every game!


Front Row, Ireland

Great Workouts

I would encourage anyone considering this to go ahead and sign up. The gym work is ridiculously effective, and TJ gives you the confidence to really do it.


Utility Back, Scotland


The guidance that I've been given through Rugby Muscle Coaching has made such a huge difference to my rugby. I'm able to read and enjoy the game on a new level.


Lock/Back Row, USA

I'm a Believer

I thought I had trained well before but with TJ I was able to gain 7 pounds of lean muscle, lift heavier and become a more explosive rugby player.


Winger, UAE


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