What is happening my man?

I was chatting to one of my guys and heard an amazing story that I had to share.

Here’s the deal.

He’d just got back from giving a talk to some Chinese finance leaders in Macao (he’s kind of a big deal) and stopped off to see his 75 year old mother in-law on the way home.


(interesting fact, Macao makes 8 times more money a day in gambling profits than Vegas!)

8 times better than Vegas apparently
8 times better than Vegas apparently


Nothing weird about that right?

Well that’s what I thought ha.

Turns out that she is mental!

Totally this crazy

Not even normal crazy like crazy for cocopops crazy!

Of course when he said this I had to go a bit deeper and find out why. You would though wouldn’t you?!

Her latest deal is that she’s convinced that her elderly sister is spreading rumours about her

Yup she’s 75 and she thinks that her older sister has the time and energy to, during the night, make the journey to the little town she lives in a start rumours about her.

You’re thinking “that’s cool it’s not too crazy” but you don’t know what these rumours are yet.

This 75 year old lady is convinced, beyond any doubt, that her older sister is creeping around telling all her friends, neighbours, bingo buddies and anyone else she can find that…..


she is a giant dildo wearing lesbian!

Yup proper crazy!



But there is a lesson here,

Honest ha

We all know that no-one has the time or energy to care that much or go to all that trouble just to start a rumour.

No matter how self-concious you might be about what you’re doing in the gym. how heavy your lifting for example or how many prowler sprints you can do before your heart feels like it’s going to explode no-one apart from you really cares.

People have their own shit to worry about.

Once you realise this guys you’re onto a winner.

You have given yourself permission to forget what anyone else thinks and start worrying about yourself.

Start competing against yourself rather than some other shmuck and start breaking the records that should really matter to you.

Cheer ,

 Alex “busting records all day long” Miller