“Bro! I’m going to stop doing my sport so I can get better at it!”

This is actually going to be a little rant.

I don’t do it often but this kind of got sand in my crack. And because of our sport is rugby we get this quite a lot.

“Waaaah, waaaah, I’m too small so I’m going to spend a year playing no rugby and getting all the gainz in the gym, come back and be huge and probably the best rugby player ever!”

This shouldn't be you
This shouldn’t be you


This is fucking retarded and i’m going to give you three examples why just to really drive the point home.

  • You go out for a few beers with your mates but you suck at drinking and get smashed. So you decide the best thing to do is take year off drinking alcohol but make sure you drink a ton of milk. Then come back a year later drink a crate of bear and end up in hospital.

  • It’s like a musician saying “I’m just not technically good enough so what I’m going to is stop practising any music for a year and just work on making my fingers really really quick. Then I’m going to jump straight back in and nail that Toccata by Scheuman”

  • “Chicks seem to dig gay guys and I like girls so I’m going to go get bummed for a year and then come back and be a bona fide player.” Sure thing bro you go do that I’m sure it’ll help.

The point here is that just because some things seem to go hand in hand doesn’t mean they do.

Some great rugby players are mutants but that doesn’t mean all mutants are great rugby players…

Being able to drink a lot of liquid might seem like a good step towards drinking a lot of beer but doesn’t do shit for you alcohol tolerance.

Great musicians do seem to have fast fingers but, and this is the point here, if you just have fast fingers and no technical skill than you’re going to play shit.

That’s the thing fellas. To get better at a skill you need to perform the skill.

If sometimes you feel beat up, or feel like you’re not going to get any gains… then don’t stop playing simply RECOVER BETTER (cheap plug: we can help!)

Name a single person in any field of expertise who’s world class but doesn’t practice their skill…

Fuck bro just name one who’s better than average.

I get that it helps to be bigger to play decent footy but you have to practise your sport. There’s plenty of rugby players who get really good only playing rugby and not doing any strength and conditioning work but I doubt there’s any really good rugby players who don’t play any rugby.

I’ve even done a whole video on this fellas. But here’s the secret weapon, the most important exercise for a rugby player to do.

The most important exercise to get better at rugby is to play rugby.