NEW 2-Week Kick Off Challenge for Rugby Players

If you want to perform your best on the rugby pitch without all of the stress and confusion, without sacrificing your family/social life, and without any more false starts, then Rugby Muscle Kick Off is for you

I've spent over 10 years helping rugby players of ALL LEVELS in the gym.
I've seen first-hand how conventional "Fitness Work" doesn't really apply to rugby, I've seen how "Athlete-Specific" work never accounts for the work hours, life commitments and specific needs of an amateur player. Most players are left stuck!

This challenge was created to rectify that problem

Over 14 days, we're going to help you build a training and lifestyle plan that fits around your life!

No "Broncos", no crazy diets, no extreme WODs or craziness... just a plan that gets results while adjusting to your life.

For These 2 Weeks You'll Have Access To Content Previously Reserved For Rugby Muscle Clients Only.

With new training each day, including:

Building YOUR Training Blueprint

- How to know what to actually do

- How to dedicate the time, no matter what schedule

- How to keep progressing, avoid plateaus and truly level up!

Simplified Nutrition Protocol

Simple rules that work for fat loss, muscle gain AND performance. You'll build a basic understanding of where you can improve to set yourself up for huge success but with minimal friction.

Mindset & Motivation

There will always be times when you can’t be bothered, or when life gets in the way. We'll cover how to set yourself up to stay on track daily, and the mindset you NEED to succeed without sacrificing you social life

Direct Access To Me

Throughout the course I'll be checking in to make sure everything is crystal clear for you and help you apply it all to your specific situation

6 Week Plan

To finish the course, we’ll piece it all together and lay out a simple plan for you to nail the next 6 weeks and create something truly epic.

All You Need To Do Is Just Enter Your Info To Get Started

Who Is Behind Rugby Muscle

My name is TJ Jankowski and I was in your shoes...
Now I'm on a mission to help rugby players achieve more.

Achieve more in the gym, with their physique, with rugby and with life. And to not get stuck making the same mistakes as I did. 

I went from a player who ran around with no confidence, spinning his wheels going from fad to fad, to someone who was in control, who always put his hand up to carry, get turnovers and have a big impact for my team. I managed playing the game in 4 continents, win leagues, experience cultures and get international caps.

From what I know now, I could've achieved more. But instead, I will pass those valuable lessons onto you.

These lessons are what shaped the Rugby Muscle System, an approach that streamlines your training, nutrition and lifestyle to get you better results with less sacrifices,

What People Say About Rugby Muscle


I'm playing some of the best rugby in my life in my 40s! This system has me working in ways to keep me injury-free and performing my best on the field.


Lock/Back Row, USA


I just show up and do what the plan says, this has allowed me to save time but also make consistent progress in every single area of my game.


Flanker, US & New Zealand

Speed & Body

The improvements that I've made to my diet have allowed me to build a proper physique! I've also developed the speed to get away from defenders.


Center Wing, UK


I've been with Rugby Muscle since they first started with big goals for my career and it's been invaluable in making me into the player that I am today.


Prop, Ireland

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