Too often people wake up and open gifts from their relatives and they suck.

Then you’ve gotta pretend that you like them and use them long enough so that they notice, then never pick them up again.

With the Christmas right around the corner I thought I’d compile a list of things that you’d really benefit from!

You can send this list to Santa or just buy them yourself, simply click the pictures to go to the product on Amazon, enjoy!



Weightlifting Belt

If you lift heavy weights it is a great idea to use one of these.

Unlike popular opinion they are not really designed to just protect the lower back, they are used to help you brace your core stronger and therefore lift more.


They are particularly used when doing heavy squats and olympic lifts.

This RDX belt is a great compromise between light, flimsy velcro belts that last a couple weeks and heavy, over-priced lever belts.





51l+0289qLLSuspension Trainer

There are countless exercises that can be done using suspension trainers – exercises more effective and rugby-specific than using a machine or even free weights, such as pushups, flys, dips, assisted handstand pushups, leg curls, hip thrusts and many more.

At Rugby Muscle we advise many supplementary exercises using straps or gymastic rings. A suspension trainer also fits easy into a small bag so that you can get a good training session in no matter where you are.

This Protone Trainer is the most versatile and best value one we have seen on the market.




61LgXTbLDJL._SL1200_Speed Sled

Any fitness enthusiast or strength coach would love to find one of these waiting for them under the tree.

Sled dragging is not only an awesome rugby-specific move (driving though contact) but because there is no eccentric component you can use it really often and get amazing benefits.

You can use it to build bigger, stronger legs, improve speed or for the ultimate conditioning workout. Some sleds are very expensive, but OSG Sled is great value.



Fat Gripz

These little buggers instantly turn whatever dumbbell or bar you’re using into a Fat Bar, adding a difficult grip element into any exercise.

Your grip strength will go through the roof and your arms will grow bigger than they will with normal bars and dumbbells. Fat Gripz slip on an off and are made of extremely high quality, heavy duty rubber that doesn’t wear out or compress. These would make a great stocking stuffer for meatheads and guys who lack grip alike.




Weightlifting Shoes41EspGEgu9L

You wear boots for rugby, and running shoes for running in. It makes sense that you should wear lifting shoes for lifting in right?!

Weightlifting shoes provide a stable, angled sole and heel that will instantly add a few kilos to your squat and olympic lifts and allow for less knee and back stress.

Often they are expensive and overpriced so I would go for these Adidas shoes for best values. Nike Romaleos are also great but the best looking ones I’ve see recently are These Inov8 Shoes … they look badass!


71hjUkTSVeL._SL1500_Neck Harness

In the Academy our programmes for Front Rows all have some sort of neck strengthening exercise. We also believe that nothing shows strength (for da laydeez) like a strong, well-built neck.

This Neck Harness allows for easy use and is guaranteed of it’s quality so that you can build a really strong neck








716tCm2pcfL._SL1500_ SMR Recovery Gear

Rugby players are renowned for being very unflexible as well as constantly having sore, stiff bodies. Both this foam roller and these massage balls are excellent tools to resolve these issues!

We recommend daily foam rolling to help with recovery and loosen up before training sessions.

Both the Foam Roller and Massage Balls are valuable and play their part, we recommend these ones from Fitness Mad.


51zwM2NiWzL._SY355_ Strength Bands

We’ve featured a number of exercises that utilise the use of Quality Strength Bands, so much so that we’d add them to Santa’s list for every boy and girl in the Rugby Muscle Family.

They can used with normal exercises to add in a power element, but can also easily be used for exercises themselves.

Having said all this I’d say their best use it to increase the effectiveness of stretches and allowing guys who arent strong enough to perform full-range pull-ups

These Pro-Tone ones have a wide variety of resistance and are a good purchase




Gym Diary Log Book

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.

Every time you go in the gym you need to be better than the time before.

This log-book is cool and makes it easy to keep track of every gym session!!







Creatine Monohydrate 

The most studied, proven supplement on the market today.

Increases size and strength with a daily dose of around 5g will do the trick, there’s no need for loading, cycling or timing your intake, just take 5g a day and you’ll get all the awesome benefits.

I’ll also add that theres tonnes of expensive, fancy Creatine varieties but these have no evidence of being better than basic Creatine Monohydrate powder, this Bulk Powders Pack is great value and will last you a long, long time.





Knee Sleeves

Rugby Players’ knees sometimes take a battering, particularly when squatting and performing olympic lifts often (which we obviously recommend).

Knee sleeves work well to protect the knees and keep them warm throughout the workout without providing “false strength” like wraps do.

I love my Rehband Knee Sleeves and use them for squat sessions when I’m already feeling kinda sore before the workout.

(Don’t worry, they wont automatically give you this guy’s skinny legs)




Happy Holidays!