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Team Rugby Muscle was created specifically for rugby players who want to build strength, power, fitness and athleticism all whilst achieving their dream physique.
This system fits around your life and your goals. And is laid out in a way to reduce overwhelm so that you focus on PUTTING IN THE WORK

Hello, my name is TJ Jankowski and I've been in your shoes...

You know that talent gets you so far, but pure hard work and preparation can take you to the top of your game.

You know how to "work hard"... that's the easy bit! But what do you really need to be doing in your own training to turn you into the beast that you know you can be!?

Is Your Rugby S&C Really Working?!

If you're like me you've probably struggled to really fit in an appropriate S&C regimen to help your rugby.

Maybe you've looked online but find most of it awkward, confusing or inappropriate.

Most of the S&C stuff you'll find are just workouts designed to burn calories, work hard and look cool
Whilst most programs have a heavy bias to barbell sports or bodybuilding.

Now, these places aren't a bad start, but lack the organization, flexibility and specificity that a true Rugby Strength and Conditioning Program needs.

Because of this, those that just completed the programs as they are, might have found a brief small improvement, but a quick and constant plateau soon after.
And those that tried to adapt them themself and their need find it just as difficult because they either lack the knowledge, or use their knowledge to endlessly chop and change the programming.

And that's all before nutrition and recovery has entered the chat.

All of these things add up to wasted weeks, months and years where your performance and physique just spins it's wheels, going in small cycles and never really gets anywhere...

THIS is why I created Team Rugby Muscle.

But with Team Rugby Muscle it's different!

The rugby muscle program is brutally effective. I increased my Lean Body Mass by 8kg in 6 months whilst reducing body fat from 16% to 11%.

I've improved in all facets of play and it's made me a much better and more confident player!


Stand Off

With the Rugby Muscle program I've lost weight, become faster, fitter and more powerful on the pitch and feel much more confident in my ability and in life!

I've been able to move to a club at a higher level and hold my own as winger!



The training put together is clearly well-thought-out, I was always the "speed guy" but would gas out and get bullied in games.

Now I am able to smash big wingers into touch like it isn't a thing and am playing the best rugby of my life!




I can't believe how much I've changed. Last year I was barely involved in the B team, now I'm a regular in the 1st XV after making my Semi-Pro debut!

The training is specific to rugby and whilst it is hard, I do find it fun and can feel myself getting better and more confident every week.




After 12 weeks I gained around 6 kilograms and my strength went through the roof and everything seemed so much easier on the pitch.

Even with the busy exam period approaching I discovered, that going to the gym was a physical outlet to remove the stress, it has changed my life!


2nd Row


I saw a massive improvement with my game - on the pitch I was faster, more robust and just a much better player than before.

All the training was interesting and different, I highly recommend it for any rugby player at any level. What you get for your money is a bargain!


Full Back

The 3 Pillars of Team Rugby Muscle

Pretty simple really dude, nearly every rugby player who goes to the gym makes at least 1 of following mistakes (most make all 3):

Targeted Training

With so much to focus on in your rugby performance, it can be difficult to figure out exactly what to do, and how much you should focus on each area.

Team Rugby Muscle's Training System give you a structure to follow year-round to get the most bang for your buck, focussing on the simple things to drastically improve your performance.

Through the Academy, you are given the tools to understand how to individualise elements of the program to build up your weaknesses and double down on your strengths.

The training also fits around your schedule, giving you options for 3, 4, 5 and 6 days of training, as well as giving options for those who have access to different equipment (Quarantine Training anyone?)

The result of this being that every single month you will see a notable improvement in your physical performance.

Simple Nutrition Framework

Meal plans don't work, banning food groups doesn't work, even calorie calculators don't work.
The truth that the diet industry doesn't want to tell you is that to truly succeed with diet/nutrition, you have to UNDERSTAND diet/nutrition.

In Team Rugby Muscle, through the Academy, you are given a specific framework to follow to optimize your nutrition for your lifestyle and your goals. This framework is designed to reduce overwhelm but keep you on track so that you can create that athletic physique by shedding fat, building muscle and fueling your performance

You'll receive recipe guides, food and bodyweight trackers and be guided through the process along with your training.

Whilst nutrition coaching and accountability is available with Rugby Muscle Elite, this is the next best thing.

Mindset Development and Education

Staying motivated on a program can sometimes difficult, and although this is usually offset by getting results, sometimes we all still need a bit of an understanding before we really commit.

Executing your best is hard when you're unsure if you're doing it right, or why you're even doing it in the first place.

This is where the Rugby Muscle Academy shines for you, our exclusive members site will give you a complete understanding of whats going on with your training.

You'll find exclusive videos and downloads on topics including:

  • Recovery
  • Motivation
  • Planning around life - work, rugby and booze
  • Skills and tactics
  • Training and Nutrition
  • Members only Q&As

So Here's How It Works...

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We'll walk through your weekly Training schedule and guide you through the mindset and nutrition process

"I decided to play rugby again after a 3 year hiatus expecting to have my fitness and skill levels back to my original levels. I realized this was a mistake after the first warm up lap of my first practice back.

Rugby Muscle gave me the foundation to build myself back into playing shape, and besides fitness I got my confidence and love of the game back with that fitness.

The workouts are fun and build on each other so its not "too much too soon". I highly recommend Team Rugby Muscle over all of the other programs I've tried"


Front Row, USA

I was always a hard worker and fairly strong, but what Rugby Muscle has done is directed that effort into the things that are going to help my game.

Not only am I much fitter and faster, but I'm more explosive, mobile and level-headed around the pitch. I didn't know that you could train to improve your body position in contact - but I have done!
It's crazy how I've been able to improve every single part of my game and reach a level I never really thought was realistic.  


Flanker, US & New Zealand

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