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Maximize your strength, fitness, speed, power and grow muscle with efficient, effective Rugby S&C

If you're a rugby player who wants to play your best and enjoy the game, then you know strength and conditioning work is a must.

But with all the different areas you need to work on, you cannot afford to spin your wheels, second-guess yourself or work yourself into the ground and get hurt - these will all be a thing of the past when you put your training in the hands of an expert and become a member of Team Rugby Muscle 

The workouts are challenging but fun and rewarding. It is easy to see the relevance of the exercises to rugby. There is a clear development path for all the exercises, which keeps workouts exciting and allows you to see your progress from week to week.


Lock/Back Row. USA

The Unfortunate Reality Of
Rugby S&C For Amateur Players

In 2022, we're finally at the point where amateur athletes accept that they should be hitting the gym to improve their rugby performance, but in reality that is just the start.

If you're in the gym to play your best rugby, you can't just lift like a powerlifter or bodybuilder.

You need to train for explosive, full-body power, and repeated athletic efforts.

That doesn't mean you can just train like an olympic weightlifter or a cross*it athlete, either.

Because you play rugby in a 360˚ field, you need to be comfortable in all directions, not just up and down.

When we look at the conditioning work, most fitness sessions are just generic running interval workouts.

Whilst they may seem rugby-specific because they use the lines of a rugby field, most of the time they don't actually address the energy systems and pathways that need to be developed to improve rugby performance.

As a rugby player, your fitness level needs to be developed to allow you to reach the max intensity on a repeated basis over the course of 80 minutes.

Simply put, you can't just run and do sprint intervals if you want to be at your best on game day.

As you can see, the demands placed on a rugby athlete are so vast, across all ends of the spectrum that it gets overwhelming, particularly when you consider that you need to fit all of this work around your job, family and all the other commitments you have, including rugby training itself.

And contrary to what you might think, doing more and working harder is NOT the solution.

Pushing hard through high fatigue/stress might work for a couple weeks, but inevitably you'll crash and burn, either by giving up, hitting a plateau or getting injured.

One of the hardest, but most important things you must do is manage your fatigue created by your training.

Rugby is perhaps the most athletically demanding sport there is.

And if you get it right, you can use your athleticism to dominate your opposition.

But as you can see, there's simply no way to do this by following anything other than a specific rugby strength and conditioning program.

A program that is designed to fit around all the other daily stressors and time commitments you have.

THIS is why I created Team Rugby Muscle.

 My working life is hectic so it's nice knowing that everything I'm doing in the gym has a specific purpose. TJ knows his stuff!

I've hit all time PBs in my 5k time and many lifts, as well as continue to play a high level of rugby in my last few playing years.


Utility Back - UK

I'm a coach myself and I love this program - it's fun and effective!

It allowed me to focus on endurance and speed work alongside getting stronger. 
I always feel like I'm actually performing better as a result!


Back Row - Wales

I've always been willing to put in the work but Rugby Muscle has shown me the value of expert programming. I trust whatever TJ has me do!

I'm in the gym less than before but I'm bigger, faster and stronger, plus the fitness work means I'm much calmer on the field.



Who Am I?!

I'm TJ Jankowski and I created Rugby Muscle for you...

For the longest time I was an athlete who struggled to get compete at the level I wanted because I lacked the size, speed and athleticism that I needed.

I searched everywhere online to find a program but was constantly left feeling overwhelmed and confused. I put in the work, made countless mistakes but after years of experience, I finally found a system that worked. That allowed me to play semi-pro in 3 different continents, and now coach athletes to play their best.

That system has been used by rugby players all over the world to save time/stress and play the best rugby of their life!
You can now do the same by joining Team Rugby Muscle

What You Get In Team Rugby Muscle

Complete Year-Round Blueprint

As soon as you join, you'll be on a path to achieve your most athletic, powerful and robust performance - and build noticeable muscle too. Each training phase will build into the next so that you never hit a plateau,

Efficient, Effective, FUN Training Sessions

Every session is designed to help you improve your performance markers as a rugby player. There's no room for any fluff, so you will use a variety of methods to train as efficiently as possible.

Perform At Your Absolute BEST

Effective training will not only ensure that you're not feeling any fatigue come game-day, but you'll be have access to our Game Day Guide so that you're firing on all cylinders.

Real Speed and Agility Work

Carry effectively and break the line with confidence you'll gain from the simple speed and agility training. 20-30 minutes a week is all it takes to revolutionize your speed on the pitch.

Solutions For All Schedules

The program will have all scenarios covered so that you can get in your optimal work with as little as 2 sessions a week! All arranged around training and games as needed.

Nutrition Guide to Fuel Performance

Learn what to focus on FIRST to make (and what to not stress over) to build muscle, lose fat, recover optimally and fuel yourself to push your performance to new levels.

Coaching Explanations for Thinking Athletes

 Want to know exactly how to get the best from each session? Or why the program is structured how it is? Coaching notes for every training session will give you all the details on hows and whys of the program

All Accessed Through Our Easy To Use App 

With the app you'll be able to access your training program (with all the details and guidance), view/adjust your schedule, record your results and receive extra skill work that you can get done in 10 minutes!

Stop Wasting Time, Money & Energy

You simply cannot afford to be guessing in the gym, you can't afford to avoid those blind-spots in your training programs that hold you back on the rugby pitch.

The average gym goer spends over $600 per year on supplements, whilst countless others waste money on useless gimmicks like altitude masks and "recovery" gear.

You need to invest in a training system that will give you a structure to follow year-round, that will have you performing like you never have done before on the pitch - dominating contact, covering ground and finding new levels of work-rate. You'll also enjoy your training more than ever, set PRs, train with a purpose and avoid the costly injuries that kill your momentum.

Make the investment to guarantee you the results you want, in the most efficient way possible!

All of your training is conveniently housed within the Rugby Muscle App.

Follow along with the scheduled sessions with ease, or adjust to your own week (with our full support to get guidance on how to do that), It really has never been easier to keep up with a real S&C program and feel confident in your work!

Full guidance on every single workout, training and exercise!

Work through your program without any confusion as you follow the guidance laid out and explained simply for you the whole way. Each movement has a video for you to follow plus an area for you to film your own technique in comparison.  You'll also be able to log your results and view previous results so that you know exactly how you're progressing!

Here's How To Get Started...

Sign Up

Choose between the options below and create your account within our app/software.

Download the App

You'll then be sent a link to your inbox to download our app or use our website login.

Start Training

You'll be walked through the first phase of training and how to use the app within your first week.

Here's what others have said

The rugby muscle program is brutally effective. I increased my Lean Body Mass by 8kg in 6 months whilst reducing body fat from 16% to 11%.

I've improved in all facets of play and it's made me a much better and more confident player!


Stand Off

With the Rugby Muscle program I've lost weight, become faster, fitter and more powerful on the pitch and feel much more confident in my ability and in life!

I've been able to move to a club at a higher level and hold my own as winger!



The training put together is clearly well-thought-out, I was always the "speed guy" but would gas out and get bullied in games.

Now I am able to smash big wingers into touch like it isn't a thing and am playing the best rugby of my life!




I can't believe how much I've changed. Last year I was barely involved in the B team, now I'm a regular in the 1st XV after making my Semi-Pro debut!

The training is specific to rugby and whilst it is hard, I do find it fun and can feel myself getting better and more confident every week.




After 12 weeks I gained around 6 kilograms and my strength went through the roof and everything seemed so much easier on the pitch.

Even with the busy exam period approaching I discovered, that going to the gym was a physical outlet to remove the stress, it has changed my life!


2nd Row


I saw a massive improvement with my game - on the pitch I was faster, more robust and just a much better player than before.

All the training was interesting and different, I highly recommend it for any rugby player at any level. What you get for your money is a bargain!


Full Back

Start Playing Your Best Rugby by Avoiding These Common Traps

With all the confusing information out there, I've had to learn about these common fitness traps the hard way. It's just all too easy for rugby players to fall into them:

TRAP #1:  “I need to push myself harder and harder to get results!”

Making yourself exhausted and working hard as hard as possible is NOT the goal... The goal of training is to improve performance. Your training sessions must be structured in a way that improves your physical abilities and leaves you room to recover and come back better.
If you're constantly testing or redlining yourself, not only are you putting yourself at a greater risk of injury, but generating stress and fatigue that will actually hold you back from performing your best - whether that's on the pitch or in the gym.

With Team Rugby Muscle, you'll take an approach to training where you simply need to "✅tick the box" with each session. This gives you the room you need to drastically increase your strength, fitness, power and speed... There will be times to push hard, but those times will specifically calculated (and you'll hit PRs).

TRAP #2: “I only need to focus on getting bigger and stronger in the gym.”

Maybe yes – but also, absolutely not! The truth is that whilst being big and strong is obviously beneficial for rugby performance, it is ONLY really because of the foundation it gives you to do other things. If you're big but cannot run, you're not going to be an effective ball carrier. If you're really strong in the gym but don't have a strong core musculature, you won't be effective in contact situations like rucks. If you're big and strong but have no aerobic base, you'll gas out after 10-15 minutes and be a useless rugby player.

What this means with your training is that there still needs to be strength and hypertrophy work, but only foundational. This will allow you to still continually grow muscle and get stronger, but free you up to spend quality training time focus on power development, movement control (rotational, lateral, dynamic and static), speed and agility work and the full spectrum of conditioning.

TRAP #3: “I have to spend lots of time focusing on recovery and mobility.”

Feeling fatigued, stiff and sore from training is a side-effect from training. If you're constantly feeling that way, the solution is not to invest more time, energy and money on things like foam rolling, sauna, yoga, massage guns etc. Instead, you need to address your training stress that you're putting on yourself. What about training that develops more mobility and better movement within every session, and leaves you ready to come back and hit it the next day?
Now not only are you getting a better, more efficient training effect, but you're freeing yourself up to focus on other areas.

As an amateur rugby player you've already got other commitments that stress you out, and take up your time and attention. You can't just quit your job, bail out on your family/social life and pretend that you're now a professional rugby player... 

And whats more - you don't need to! Because with Team Rugby Muscle, you'll build better athleticism than ever before, without all the stress, soreness and time commitment that extreme fitness programs demand.

How Do You Want To Look, Feel and Perform 3 Months From Now?!

Team Rugby Muscle members are seeing the benefits in all areas!

That includes Man Of The Match performances, regular 1st XV starting positions and top Try-Scoring seasons, as well as compliments from family members, coworkers and teammates on physique transformations, and of course lifetime Personal Records in the gym!

It is truly amazing to see the results Team Rugby Muscle members are receiving:

"I decided to play rugby again after a 3 year hiatus expecting to have my fitness and skill levels back to my original levels. I realized this was a mistake after the first warm up lap of my first practice back.

Rugby Muscle gave me the foundation to build myself back into playing shape, and besides fitness I got my confidence and love of the game back with that fitness.

The workouts are fun and build on each other so its not "too much too soon". I highly recommend Team Rugby Muscle over all of the other programs I've tried"


Front Row, USA

"The training is class, I'm enjoying every part of it and I can feel it massively improving my game and making me a better player. It's the best decision I've made in a long time."


Half Back, Scotland

I was always a hard worker and fairly strong, but what Rugby Muscle has done is directed that effort into the things that are going to help my game.

Not only am I much fitter and faster, but I'm more explosive, mobile and level-headed around the pitch. I didn't know that you could train to improve your body position in contact - but I have done!
It's crazy how I've been able to improve every single part of my game and reach a level I never really thought was realistic.  


Flanker, US & New Zealand

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✅ Monthly Member-Only Q&As

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All options are backed by our 100% money-back guarantee.

Because I'm so confident that Team Rugby Muscle will be a game-changer for you, if you try the program and don't feel satisfied with your progress, you'll be refunded 100% of your money.

Simply follow and log the sessions as laid out in the Rugby Muscle app for at least 1 block (6 weeks) and if you're not completely blown away with your athletic development, send me a message with your results and you'll receive a full refund.

I've promised this program will be different from anything you've done before!

To get immediate access to Team Rugby Muscle, simple choose one of the options above and get started on your journey to a whole new level rugby performance. I can't wait for you to feel the increased power, speed, strength and fitness on the rugby pitch. Let's go!

Team Rugby Muscle Will Have You Training Like Never Before!

Here's what you'll get your hands on:

Big-Time Power

We start with over-looked basic movements and progress them over 3 weeks, allowing you to build more power each week.

After 3 weeks, the movements will change to keep pushing progression in a way that will develop freakish, explosive power in game-situations.

Basic strength work is ok (you’ll see below) but it is not enough. To dominate contact situations you need to deliberately train to increase your power.

We’ll work single-leg, double leg, vertical, horizontal, rotational, upper-body pushing and pull, and full body power in different parts of your training.

Relentless Conditioning

Building from the ground up, we’ll build a comprehensive level of fitness across the spectrum.

This means you’ll spend time getting quality work in the aerobic zone to ensure you’ll recover well, keep your composure and keep performing at your best for the full 80 minutes.

On separate days you’ll work the top end of your output, meaning you’ll increase what “your best” looks like and be able to repeat that multiple times throughout a game.

Work rate is one of the biggest differences between players at different levels, you will build fitness that will allow you to play at your absolute best.

Game-Breaking Speed

Systematic progressions for both acceleration and top-end speed, most amateur players never intentionally train their speed and as a result miss out on something that will make them a significantly better player.

Each week you’ll go through some simple drills and a minimal amount of work that will increase your speed without any increased fatigue or risk of injury.

Specific speed work is like a cheat-code to make rugby become much easier for you!

Focussed Strength

Simple, time-efficient progressions week to week that will add weight to the bar, but more importantly, do so in a way that will allow you to increase all other areas of rugby performance.

There’s a reason powerlifters aren’t the best rugby players, and Team Rugby Muscle will NOT turn you into a powerlifter, but you will build crazy amounts of strength

We usually see PR lifts set within the first 6 weeks!

Prehab and Hypertrophy

Rather than build a meathead who get’s hurt all the time, you’ll doing exercises on a weekly basis that will increase your range of motion, robustness and control where you need it most - the hips, neck, shoulder, lower back and knee. Of course you’ll also see some extra gun-show-work to make sure you do the all-important job of fill out your jersey sleeves.

Build muscle, build mobility and look good out on the pitch, not on the physio-bed.

Real-World Agility

Once again, it’s specific patterns and progressions that make the difference. No stupid ladders or hurdles for the sake of it, you’ll train and enhance the movement patterns that you’ll see in rugby specific scenarios.

Off balance your opposing defender, get around the field more effectively and never get beaten in defense.

Weekly Periodization

Every week challenges you in a different way, with reps, sets, time and exercise selection deliberately being progressed from week to week, and block to block.

Working backwards, the training blocks last 6 weeks, just long enough for you to see significant progress across the performance spectrum, but short enough that there’s no staleness.

Each 6 week block features 2-3 week mini-phases that will have you build up different exercises and methods before progressing to the next, allowing you to make huge gains within those 6 week blocks.

Every week itself is organized in a way to keep you fresh and still perform at your best any-given-game-day. You’ll have the info and ability to adapt to whichever schedule suits you the best.

Whatever your schedule, preferences and ambitions are, Team Rugby Muscle really is the solution for you. At a tremendous value that you won’t find anywhere else.

Team Rugby Muscle also gives you exclusive access to:

Our 5-Star rated App giving you all of your training on iOS, Android, or any web browser – log your training, record your notes, upload progress photos, track your recovery, post your PRs and see how far you've progressed!
Demo videos for every movement – no more Google searches leading you to a video with some guy talking at you for 10 minutes before showing you the move. Each video gives you a quick, simple reference right in the app.
Exclusive Member-Only Live Q&As - get your specific question answered, whether it be about the program, rugby, nutrition or something one of your teammates commented. Get direct, personal answers from me!
Rugby Muscle Members Group - be part of a positive, supportive team within our active group, another place to ask questions, have discussion and post your successes!

Still on the fence? Time For FREE BONUSES

In addition to the program, you'll also get these FREE bonuses that'll save you time, stress and put you in a place to take your rugby performance even further!

But hurry, because these bonuses are only guaranteed right now...:

Supplement Guide

Stop wasting your money on useless supplements and find out which ones actually make a difference with your performance, health and recovery.

All the effective supplements are listed (as ingredients, not brands/products) with effective dosages and the effect you are looking for.

The guide is updated on a consistent basis to keep up with research.

Recipe Booklets

Tired of eating the same boring food? Have no real idea where to start when making some healthy, high-protein meals? These are for you.

You'll receive new recipes regularly throughout your time with Team Rugby Muscle, all with simple-to-follow instructions, macros and suggested swaps if needed.

Don't worry - you definitely DO NOT need to be a gourmet chef to make these recipes work... they were created to be simple and save you time in the kitchen.

Skill Training Sessions

With Team Rugby Muscle you'll have your physical preparation sorted, but one area a large number of players miss out on is improving their skills.

Because you'll be training so efficiently, you'll have extra time (each session is 10-20 minutes) to work on specific skill training. 

Included in your app are catch, pass, ruck, tackle and ball control sessions all focused in on bringing your basic skills to a new level.

Questions? Read Below!

How tough is the training in Team Rugby Muscle?!

All of your training will be given to you in relation to your estimated max, perceived effort or Max Heart Rate. This means that whilst you will be working hard, you will never over-work yourself and build up too much fatigue.

The main goal with Team Rugby Muscle (because we're looking for improvement in many areas) is to be as efficient as possible. There will be times where you'll be asked to give everything, but they are strategic and planned to maximize your results.

To be perfectly honest, it's been common for guys to worry that they're doing pushing themselves enough - but we simply let the results speak for themselves! Nobody has been disappointed!

How many sessions do I need to commit?

The program gives you options for training 2-4 times a week, if you're in the off-season you can push that to 5 (but you don't need to). At least one of those sessions will be done on a field - and they're usually programmed for the days you'll be there for rugby training anyway.

If you're short on time you'll have recommendations on what sessions to prioritize and how to organize your training week to still get the most bang for your buck. Many of our members run just 2 sessions a week and continue to progress - one of which was awarded player of the season last year!

What equipment do I need to do this?

Just the most basic gym equipment (barbells, weights and a cable machine) is enough, access to a field will be needed for speed work and you're given multiple options for your conditioning. If any of the exercises need to be subbed out just reach out and that will be arranged

How long do I need to stay on this program for?


Yep, you can cancel anytime. Obviously, if you want to be the best you'll stay on forever 😉 

Every 6 weeks the training block changes so things never get stale. You will consistently be challenged in different ways to ensure that you are never hitting common plateaus or getting bored.

When is the best time to get started?

The best time would've been a few years ago, the second best time is TODAY.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you'll develop serious levels of fitness, power, strength and speed that you will see in all areas, but particularly the rugby pitch. You'll have options for all schedules so there's no need to wait for things to be perfect (they never will be!)

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