NEW 2-Week Rugby Muscle
 Training Camp for "Committed Amateur" Players

2-Weeks Of Rugby-Specific Training & Nutrition that we've used to help over a thousand rugby athletes around the world develop their physiques and perform better than ever before on the pitch!

This Training Camp was created with 1 goal in mind.

Over 2 weeks you're going to be able to build a complete nutrition, training and lifestyle plan that is designed to fit around YOUR life.
The vast majority of rugby fitness information is aimed at professional athletes who have the time, genetics, budget and motivation to do that stuff.As a "committed amateur" you don't have the luxury, and MUST focus ONLY what matter - there's simply no room for fluff here!

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In this exclusive Training Camp, you'll have access to content, education and tools previously reserved for Clients only

How You Are GUARANTEED Results

Training 101

Understand the key components of training that you need to focus on in order to see your rugby performance skyrocket and how you can apply this to spend less time training but see more results

Nutrition 101

 Learn what you should be eating to build the physique you want and how to build a simple, flexible nutrition plan that fits around your work, family social and training life.

Mindset 101

 Why most players and programs have failed before they ever started, how to avoid that trap and set yourself on the right path.

Access To Our Training Database

Get your training delivered right to your phone with explanations of all movements, trainings and a system to keep track of your improvements.

Stay On Track With Coaching

Get coached the whole time to discover what you really need to focus on to stay committed to your success without sacrificing your social life.

All Your Questions Answered

Get answers to all of your questions over the course directly to avoid any confusion of overwhelm

All You Need To Do Is Just Enter Your Info To Get Started

Who Is Behind Rugby Muscle

My name is TJ Jankowski and I was in your shoes...
Now I'm on a mission to help rugby players achieve more.

Achieve more in the gym, with their physique, with rugby and with life. And to not get stuck making the same mistakes as I did. 

I went from a player who ran around with no confidence, spinning his wheels going from fad to fad, to someone who was in control, who always put his hand up to carry, get turnovers and have a big impact for my team. I managed playing the game in 4 continents, win leagues, experience cultures and get international caps.

From what I know now, I could've achieved more. But instead, I will pass those valuable lessons onto you.

These lessons are what shaped the Rugby Muscle System, an approach that streamlines your training, nutrition and lifestyle to get you better results with less sacrifices,

What People Say About Rugby Muscle


I'm playing some of the best rugby in my life in my 40s! This system has me working in ways to keep me injury-free and performing my best on the field.


Lock/Back Row, USA


I just show up and do what the plan says, this has allowed me to save time but also make consistent progress in every single area of my game.


Flanker, US & New Zealand

Sexy Speed

The improvements that I've made to my diet have allowed me to lose weight & look great. I've also developed the speed that has allowed me to skin guys for pace


Center Wing, UK


I've been with Rugby Muscle since they first started with big goals for my career and it's been invaluable in making me into the player that I am today.


Prop, Ireland

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