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Welcome to THE place to make sense of your gym, fitness and nutrition to support your rugby playing goals!

I'm TJ, and since retiring from semi-pro rugby, I've helped hundreds of ambitious amateur rugby players simplify their way to phenomenal results.

Through Rugby Muscle, you'll discovery everything you'll need to transform your physique, train efficiently and get the most out of your rugby. All whilst keeping your working/family/social life as a priority...

No more bullshit for you mate

Rugby Muscle Was Created With a Sole Purpose!

To bring efficiency to your rugby program and nutrition. Something you can do in a few hours a week, max.
Something that doesn’t force you to cut out food groups or avoid social gatherings, BUT something that forces you to noticeable results.

In the past, fitness training for rugby was about who could do “more”. 
Whoever could spend the most time in the gym could get in the best shape and make the 1st XV. But that's a game you’ll never win.

People are wasting hours and hours busting their asses off when all they need is simple direction and curation.

They need to focus on the FEW IMPORTANT THINGS that will get the POWERFUL RESULTS, FAST.

You're not here to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness, or to win Crossfit or Powerlifting Competitions that nobody cares about, you're here because you want to perform you best on the rugby pitch.

Well thats our speciality here at Rugby Muscle...

What People Say About Rugby Muscle

David, Half Back, Scotland

The training is class, I'm enjoying every part of it and I can feel it massively improving my game and making me a better player. It's the best decision I've made in a long time.

Lesley, Wing/Center, Scotland

It's just unbelievable! I can't thank TJ enough...
Life's completely different now, I'm able to completely understand my diet & I'm the strongest and leanest I've ever been

Erik, Lock/Back Row, USA

I'm 41 and able to not just keep up with, but set the standard for the youngsters  on my team. And I'm able to train effectively without spending 2 hours in the gym, I'm in and out in an hour.

So Simple

Making the investment into Coaching has allowed me to gain over 12 pounds of muscle whilst spending less time in the gym.


Back Row, England


I just show up and do what the plan says, this has allowed me to save time but also make consistent progress in every single area of my game.


Flanker, US & New Zealand

Sexy Speed

The improvements that I've made to my diet have allowed me to lose weight & look great. I've also developed the speed that has allowed me to skin guys for pace


Center Wing, UK


I've been with Rugby Muscle since they first started with big goals for my career and it's been invaluable in making me into the player that I am today.


Prop, Ireland

Get THE Rugby Conditioning Guide and get fit today!

Every type of conditioning session you'd ever need is laid out and given to YOU in this guide.

For way too long rugby players have been told to work hard on their fitness without being given any real direction into what they should actually be doing.

In this guide we take a look at what's needed to perform your BEST in rugby, the training styles that REALLY produce an unstoppable rugby engine. And then you're shown how to organize your schedule to get the biggest benefits!

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