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Before I started the program I struggled with a lack of clarity around my training (how when what etc) and I was very beach body focused thinking that rugby strength and looking great in a singlet was the same thing...

Thanks to Rugby Muscle, I got information not only on what to do but how and why we do it. He coaches for life not profit.

I’ve struggled a lot with working away from home and working long physical hours but TJ has always been more than accommodating often proving that less is in fact more. Life for me is a lot different, I’m fitter and also stronger in general but a lack of self discipline around nutrition has seen the scales rise...

My ability to shrug often the first 2 or 3 tackles has proven an absolute asset in my last two years of prem 1 rugby and I put a lot of that down to TJ’s ability to focus on what needs to be focused on and not wasting time with the unnecessary garbage.

Would absolutely recommend this bloke as a rugby strength coach. Great chat, fantastic knowledge and extremely approachable.


Back Row, New Zealand & England

Having always been fairly dedicated to the gym, I was curious to see how much I could improve if I invested in an expert to help me reach my goals.

I started the coaching with a goal to put on some muscle, and thanks to the coaching I was able to dial in to this goal for the first time in my life and truly achieve that.

Not only did I gain over 15lbs of lean muscle in less than 6 months, I did it whilst spending less time in the gym, thanks to TJ's "zero-fluff" approach, I was able to take advantage of extra rest and truly grow.


Centre, England

TJ’s unique combination of experience in both rugby and physical training have allowed him to develop a creative, fun and highly effective program targeted at developing a specific type of fitness that translates directly to the rugby pitch. If you are serious about developing further as a rugby player, get a fitness program specifically tailored to your goals.

Fitness has been an important part of my life for a long time. From high-school football and rugby strength and conditioning programs to 5 years spent as a Scout-Sniper in the US Marines, I have been exposed to a variety of fitness programs. I thought that long distance running, and a combination of the bread and butter barbell lifts and bodyweight exercises was an effective way to train for rugby. I was WRONG. If you want to perform at a high level as a rugby player, you NEED a rugby specific fitness program. I cannot overstate how much of a benefit this program has had for me.

I am not only faster, more agile, and more powerful after using this program, but also can sustain these higher outputs for longer periods of time. I have seen my rugby skills improve exponentially because I am less fatigued and am better able to focus on skills during training. As a result, I am having more fun playing rugby than I ever have in my 9 years of experience because I am making a larger impact on matches. 

This is a unique program that you will not find anywhere else. The workouts are challenging but fun and rewarding. It is easy to see the relevance of the exercises to rugby. There is a clear development path for all the exercises, which keeps workouts exciting and allows you to immediately see your progress from week to week. The programming is extremely effective and TJ is great about responding to any questions you may have.

 I highly recommend this program to people of all fitness levels and will continue to use this for the rest of my rugby career. If you trust the programming you will see results. If you are ready to take your game to the next level this is the place to start. 


Lock & Back Row, USA

After making a come back to rugby after breaking my leg, I returned to the game hesitant, weaker and lacking any fitness that I had in the first place.

Thanks to my time with Rugby Muscle I've been able to help my team win our cup! On a more personal note I've smashed PRs in all of my lifts, trained better than ever before and lost over 20lbs, which is crazy considering the amount of "away days" and boozy weekends I've been able to enjoy whilst on the program


Prop, Ireland

I decided to play rugby again after a 3 year hiatus expecting to have my fitness and skill levels back to my original levels. I realized this was a mistake after the first warm up lap of my first practice back.

Rugby Muscle gave me the foundation to build myself back into playing shape, and besides fitness I got my confidence and love of the game back with that fitness.

The workouts are fun and build on each other so its not "too much too soon". I highly recommend Team Rugby Muscle over all of the other programs I've tried


Front Row, USA

The coaching I received through Rugby Muscle was brutally effective.

I was able to gain 10lbs of muscle whilst lowering my body fat. Because the training was about becoming a better athlete, I was also able to increase my speed and explosiveness which is really important to me as a winger and now I'm able to feel a lot more confident in contact situations and I even bumped a guy!!


Wing, UK

I was always a hard worker and fairly strong, but what Rugby Muscle has done is directed that effort into the things that are going to help my game.

Not only am I much fitter and faster, but I'm more explosive, mobile and level-headed around the pitch. I didn't know that you could train to improve your body position in contact - but I have done!
It's crazy how I've been able to improve every single part of my game and reach a level I never really thought was realistic.  


Flanker, US & New Zealand

I have struggled with weight all of my life, never really letting it affect me until one day I just decided that I couldn’t accept it any more and had to make a change....

Initially I thought the whole thing was expensive and was rather skeptical about it and what difference it would really make, but I went ahead with the programme anyway,

I can honestly say this was one of the best things that I have done, I never thought that I would really enjoy training again, but I do. Coupling this with a diet that was easy for me to stick to with lots of options helped the weight come off quicker than I’d ever imagine. I went from 113kg to 88kg and felt so much better, getting great compliments from friends and family was just the icing on the cake!

I was also worried about a rebound at the end of the challenge, but because we never used any drastic methods to achieve my results, I've managed to stay in shape whilst going about my normal life!"


(former) Hooker, England

David, Half Back, Scotland

Tom,Center/Wing, England

Erik, Lock/Back Row, USA

Hannah, Crossfit Athlete, UK

Lesley, Wing/Center, Scotland

Daragh & Yossi, Israel & Ireland

The rugby muscle program is brutally effective. I increased my Lean Body Mass by 8kg in 6 months whilst reducing body fat from 16% to 11%.

The system helped me to increase function, mobility, flexibility, strength, speed and power to make you a beast on the field! I've improved in all facets of play and it's made me a much better and more confident player!


Stand Off

With TJ's program I've lost weight, become faster, fitter and more powerful on the pitch and feel much more confident in my ability and in life!

I've been able to move to a club at a higher level and hold my own as winger!



The training put together is clearly well-thought-out, I was always the "speed guy" but would gas out and get bullied in games.

Now I am able to smash big wingers into touch like it isn't a thing and am playing the best rugby of my life! I will enjoy the training for years to come!



I can't believe how much I've changed. Last year I was barely involved in the B team, now I'm a regular in the 1st XV after making my Semi-Pro debut!

The training is specific to rugby and whilst it is hard, I do find it fun and can feel myself getting better and more confident every week.



After 12 weeks I gained around 6 kilograms and my strength went through the roof and everything seemed so much easier on the pitch.

Even with the busy exam period approaching I discovered, that going to the gym was a physical outlet to remove the stress, it has changed my life!


2nd Row

I saw a massive improvement with my game - on the pitch I was faster, more robust and just a much better player than before.

All the training was interesting and different, I highly recommend it for any rugby player at any level. What you get for your money is a bargain!


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