Be At Your Best On Game-Day

Training in season for a rugby player is difficult. If you're getting stuck in every week (which you 100% should), you might begin the week still walking funny. No worries. You

Guy Thompson Proves How Hard Work Pays Off

Today we have a treat for you boys, our first professional player interview. Guy Thompson's story is different to every other player in the premiership for sure, he has had a

4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Lifts

Everyone wants to have a ridiculously  strong squat and a deadlift which makes people think that if you were around they probably wouldn't need a car jack to change a

Getting Faster Made Simple

When talking about speed it is common for people to think (and say) “You’ve either got it or you haven’t” Let me just say right now, that simply is WRONG. Everyone has the

Organising your pre-season

This takes people two ways: A) It makes you want to cry knowing that you've done jack all over the summer, got fat and are going to hate every second of