How to not get good at ANYTHING!

"Bro! I'm going to stop doing my sport so I can get better at it!" This is actually going to be a little rant. I don't do it often but this kind

Guy Thompson Proves How Hard Work Pays Off

Today we have a treat for you boys, our first professional player interview. Guy Thompson's story is different to every other player in the premiership for sure, he has had a

Push For More

When people say to me that I'm lucky because of my genetics, I disagree. Not because I don't feel like I'm gifted, I think I am... just not physically. It is the mental

4 Quick Ways To Improve Your Lifts

Everyone wants to have a ridiculously  strong squat and a deadlift which makes people think that if you were around they probably wouldn't need a car jack to change a

Organising your pre-season

This takes people two ways: A) It makes you want to cry knowing that you've done jack all over the summer, got fat and are going to hate every second of