Rugby Physical Preparation

Rugby is the most physically challenging sport there is.

To play your best and enjoy the game, you MUST be physically prepared, but since 99.9% of rugby players also have work/family/other commitments. This preparation MUST be efficient and effective.

I'm TJ, the guy behind Rugby Muscle

Since retiring from semi-pro rugby, I've helped hundreds of ambitious amateur rugby players simplify their way to phenomenal results.

Through Rugby Muscle, you'll discovery everything you'll need to transform your physique, train efficiently and get the most out of your rugby. All whilst keeping your working/family/social life as a priority...

When I played, quality training information was so hard to find. Now it seems like there's so much that it's completely overwhelming!

You're not here to be on the cover of Muscle & Fitness, or to win Crossfit or Powerlifting Competitions that nobody cares about, you're here because you want to perform you best on the rugby pitch.

That means you need to be strong, powerful, athletic and extremely fit! But of course, you've got a life to live, how can you improve at all of this in as little as 2-4 sessions a week?

Well thats our speciality here at Rugby Muscle...

A Small Sample of Our Squad...

Thanks to Rugby Muscle I was able to play the best rugby of my life. I've always strived to get the most out of myself as a player, but I was a bit lost with what I needed to do to stay in shape as I entered my 30s and became a Dad... I no longer had the time to dedicate hours in the gym.
With the training and nutrition programming I got bigger, stronger, fitter and faster, and found myself playing with more confidence and enjoyment than ever!

Colin, Scrum Half

The training with Rugby Muscle has had such a huge impact. The improvements in my strength, athleticism and fitness are remarkable, it feels like I have a much clearer head during the game because I'm at a level of conditioning where I remain calm. On top of that, I no longer stress myself out wondering whether what I'm doing is the right thing for me, or whether it's worth doing... I'm now consistently making progress and it's great!

Jeremy, Back Row / Wing

Work With Us

The main aim of Rugby Muscle is to simplify, giving you exactly what you need instead of overwhelming you with more information.

With that in mind, there are only 2 main services offered:

Year-Round Rugby Specific Programs

Team Rugby Muscle

Rugby-Specific Training Program

Options for all scenarios and goals

No more confusion or overwhelm

2x a week to 6x a week schedules

All tracked and logged within our app

1on1 Personalized Online Coaching

Rugby Muscle Elite

The fastest/best way to reach your goals

Personalized Training & Nutrition protocols

Regular communication / updates

Continues analysis and adjustment (coaching)

Your own personal Yoda guiding you along your journey

14 Day

Rugby Athlete Blueprint

  • Learn the 5 Pillars of Rugby Physical Preparation

  • Understand the 5 Physical Outcomes to Train for

  • 100% FREE guide to get you to performing your best

  • No payment/card details required

  • Start date: June 16th 2024

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